Grote zalm en het op waarde schatten van ’s wereld meest kostbare vissoort

Nu dat het einde nadert van het seizoen zijn er veel sportvissers die vreugdevolle momenten kunnen delen over de vangst van zeer grote zalmen de afgelopen zomer. Toch bepaalt de afwezigheid van kleinere zalmen het beeld op veel rivieren en dit zorgt voor vragen omtrent de problemen waarvoor wilde zalmen zich geplaatst zien en welke maatregelen er noodzakelijk zijn om ze te beschermen.

De North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) is de belangrijkste organisatie ter wereld die zich inzet voor het behoud van de zalmbestanden, zij viert haar 25ste verjaardag door het promoten van haar activiteiten op allerlei evenementen in het Noord-Atlantische deel op deze aarde.

HRH Prince Charles ondersteunt deze activiteiten

Het is op deze evenementen dat de meest prominente en invloedrijke zalmvissers, visserijmanagers en wetenschappers ter wereld bij elkaar komen om indrukken en ideeën uit te wisselen. Een van die evenementen werd afgelopen week gehouden in het Marcliffe Hotel in Aberdeen, Schotland, waar een fondsenwervend diner was georganiseerd door de River Dee Trust.

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His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales was an honorary guest, being a keen supporter of conservation and passionate salmon fisherman. He learnt the art of fly-fishing from his grandmother who taught him to appreciate this cultural heritage on the River Dee which flows through the Balmoral Estate. As a young man he often came to fish for salmon in Hofsá river in Vopnafjördur, Iceland.

During the drinks reception Prince Charles delivered an important speech on the necessity to preserve wild salmon stocks and care for their feeding and migratory grounds both in the ocean as well as in the rivers where the salmon spawn and grow. He praised NASF in particular for its leadership on a global scale in protection efforts and made special mention of the team lead by Orri Vigfússon.

There are a number of similar salmon and fund-raising events coming up in London, Oslo, New York, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and elsewhere. The NASF's annual salmon reception will be held on 9th December at the Rountree Tryon Gallery in London.

Celebrations Across the Atlantic

The banquet in Aberdeen was held in the wake of a gathering the week before on the other side of the Atlantic in Pennsylvania, United States. Here a group of anglers were reunited who have fished the Hofsá, Iceland for several decades. They celebrated the 88th birthday of the pioneer Bradford Mills with a performance in the style of the Moulin Rouge in Paris enacted by various artists.

Among the guests were Robert Wilson, former director of the Johnson & Johnson group, and Paul A. Volcker, the well-known banker and economic adviser to the US government. Volcker has written a preface to a magnificent book of works of art on salmon and salmon rivers published by NASF later this year to help raise funds for salmon protection all over the world.

The book features the lifelong work of Sugai San a leading fisher, conservationist and publisher from Japan. To coincide with its publication, several launch parties will be held in various major cities across Europe, North America and Japan.

Exchanging Ideas in Iceland

It is a pleasure to report that the landowners of the river Alta in Finnmark, Norway, recently visited Iceland as guests of NASF, the landowners and leasholders of rivers Selá, Hofsá and Laxá in Adaldalur. "Alta is without doubt the greatest river of all time for giant salmon. It was certainly a great pleasure to receive our friends from Norway for a visit and show them rivers in Iceland, the fishing lodges and the facilities for the anglers and in particular to discuss with them the organisation of salmon fishing in Iceland“ said Orri Vigfússon, chairman of NASF.


NASF’S 10th Fishing Auction

The tenth salmon fishing auction of NASF in Oslo will be held on 6th November where many exciting lots will be on offer, including fishing licences in many famous Norwegian salmon rivers such as Alta, Lærdal, Åröy, Lakselv and Vosso, to name but a few. In recent years, generous bids have been made for fishing in the river Alta. It is the dream of most anglers to be able to fish here during their lifetime in this magnificent river where giant salmon, over 50 or even up to 60 lbs are caught every year.

The auction can be found online at:


Focus on Fish Farming

Forums on fish farming, promoted by NASF, will be held this coming winter in cooperation with the Sæmundur the Wise Institute of the University of Iceland and the Biological Society of Iceland. Lectures will be given by independent specialists with a wide experience of the effects of net pen fish farming on adjoining ecosystems.

The fight for the wild salmon in the North Atlantic is far from over. The stocks are subject to natural dangers, which we have little control on, but the actions of man are no less a threat and it is possible to intervene in many ways to save the this valuable species. Healthy, wild salmon are one of the best quality assessments of the environment available and are a sign of clean, unpolluted nature. This has now has become one of the most coveted and valuable resources on Earth.

NASF, the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, is an international coalition of voluntary private sector conservation groups who have come together to restore stocks of wild Atlantic salmon to their historic abundance. To discover more about the work of the NASF please contact Orri Vigfússon by email or visit the website

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